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New basketball flick based game (Basketball Shooter!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muOV2OjmJQc

Finished my flick based game (Virtual Beer Pong!): http://beerpong.apolloss.com/

Download Chess King from various app stores: http://chess.apolloss.com/

Follow me on Twitter: #ApolloSoftware.

Through the tenure of my career I've attained my graduate degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering from NJIT, a top tier school. My primary concentration was algorithm development and design.

Gainfully employed as a Sr. Cyber Engineer II (Software Engineer) for Forcepoint powered by Raytheon. I do however moonlight as an indie developer/indie game developer mostly in the mobile space, although I delve into consoles and standalone more than my fair share.

Current work related projects primarily entail Android/Java Security mobile applications. My background is in programming however I have been a Network/IT Engineer/Systems Engineer for a good portion of my career. Returning to my programming roots at the pinnacle of my career from a 5 year sabbatical wasn't easy. Programming started budding early in my career and have been producing my own indie games/apps/software since ripe the age of 12.

I have a passion for GUI Design and Software in general. I am currently writing and publishing for the public various iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, Kindle, Occulus VR, Tizen, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, OS X and Windows Metro apps. I also do 2D/3D game design with the Unity3D Engine, Native, Marmalade, and Unreal. A moreover recent development has been my interest in Oculus VR Projects, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Tizen platforms, and porting to unorthodox devices. Platform independence is the the penultimate way to approach development! I have a special place for Android OS, iOS, OS X, and Windows equally.

An avid fan of OOP. My primary IDE's are Xcode, Android Studio, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio and Eclipse. I also enjoy using SublimeText and Notepad++. My favorite build system is ANT, however I am starting to warm up to Gradle. Sorry Maven!

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Certs (though the premise of certs in general is crap): Software/Systems/Network Engineer/ MCSE, MCITP:Server & Enterprise Admin, Certified Ethical Hacker v5.0, MCPDx2, CCNA, MCSA, CCDA, CCENT,A+, Network+, MCTSx23: SQL 2005/2008, MOSS:Config/Programming, AD, DistApps,CIWA,Virtualization,Security+., Exchange 2007, MOSS, WSS, IASO.