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asked Standard representation of states for objects in software application
answered How to handle long processing task in UI?
comment Sliders and undoing?
You could always try implementing a double slider, where one of the sliders is not editable but shows the last saved value. This when you can use a undo control directly where the slider control is to restore to the previous value. Not sure how it would work but worth a try?
asked UX as a priority in software application design outside of IT
answered What is the best practice for data table cell content alignment
comment What is a great way to display a user's email address in a small amount of horizontal space (in a user card)?
You can also show the type of email address rather than the full address (like Gmail instead of xxxx@gmail.com) to make this short and compact.
answered What is a good size for profile pictures?
answered What UX is appropriate for alternative voting on a PC and Mobile device?
comment How many items is too many for a card sort?
Is this a physical card sort or will you be using some program that will hopefully make it easier for the participants?
revised How can we clarify that our giant red button just opens the door and is safe to press?
changed 'look' to 'lock', apparent spelling mistake
comment What UX is appropriate for alternative voting on a PC and Mobile device?
Also noticing that you are from the US so I am pretty sure there are some differences between the US and AUS election regulations. I guess the biggest difference is that it is not compulsory to vote in the US, so at least the user interactions may need to be a little bit more relaxed for the US consumers? Unless you are talking about voting in general and not for elections...
comment What UX is appropriate for alternative voting on a PC and Mobile device?
Noticing that you are using the Australian Electoral Commission ballot paper, are there any specific constraints you need to comply with, or is this a more general question?
answered Comparing and merging user interface revisions from multiple people
comment Is my portfolio design effective and clear?
Perhaps provide a screenshot of your website and highlight a couple of areas that you think relate to UX design issues. When you are talking about a 'good' UI, you need to point out the areas that relate to user experience like usability or aesthetics.
asked Implementing Google Material Design on non-digital products
comment Is it wrong to have your primary actions in red?
For starters, if there's a red/green colour blindness issue to consider and you use plenty of red and green elements throughout then I'd be wary of its use. But if you combine colour with other elements (like text and symbol) then it is easier to manage.
comment About pages - when should a web startup have one?
But there is a lot of value in showing what your point of different is with the rest of the competition.
comment Tweaking search results page
What does the 'Select category' dropdown button do?
answered Improving data usability
comment Where can I get the dummy content for the website?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about getting content for personal use rather than specific resources that are useful or practical for UX design