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Currently working as a Java and Clojure developer for an eCommerce platform provider in London, and recently passed the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer I exam with a score of 100%. I am comfortable with any programming language as long as I can get it to do what I want it to do; I also participate in a couple of little Ruby projects and am the sole C# ASP.Net developer for a charity that delivers Saturday-morning French classes.

comment Multiple admin sections (scopes) inside one web application
Sorry, I wanted to link to an example of what I had in mind earlier but didn't find anything. I've now added an example I've found since. The idea is that the left menu will show them what section they're in and where that section fits in the global structure. If you use colour-coding as well, each section can be the area's colour, with the sub-items on a white background to make the sub-area more easy to navigate. Something to experiment with at least!