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Tri-Life Transmutation of Quazi-MATTO (MATTHEW B.)

Madly masked in mind's eyed misgivings : Ubiquity of UGLY – uncannily ulterior to BEAUTY beguiled, BeGODS! Follow me for flagrantly unfettered 'Fog City Faggotry,' as garrulously salacious sycophantism & sophistry...

My well-timed 'Saturn Return' may have marred & mangled, scratched, scuffed & scarred sanguine rosy-red my cheeks, chin & smile for awhile, as 'Quarter-Life Crisis' came crashing to a cataclysmic end. Yet thus, I so choose to lament no more, o'er my "last-ditch, last-chance life!"

As "@QHereKidSF," I TRY – 'UMPH!?' – to Triumph! ...Even if success means switch-hitting, only to miss a swing!? ...Even if victory means voicing my voracious fear of falling forever flimsy onto a skyward shaky string: a merely ne'er-do-well 'Fog City Funambule Freak Show,' all but vanquished in doomsday downfall by delusion, disease & disfigurement!?

Rather, I aim to step sure-footed onto a straight steel wrought-iron rope, to dance in delighted acrobatics there, as well. Hold tight the net for we who stumble... FEAR NOT! As a few feet forward, I fumble!!

There! Many miles heavenly high : Where the 'mind-flux & mayhem' of my moribund monstrosity dare not ne'er matter more...

Respectfully submitted :

Quazi-MATTO (MATTHEW B.) | http://bit.ly/QHereKidSF

San Francisco CA 94109 USA | 21 JAN 2013 @ 09:32AM

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