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M.Sc. (computer science) 😻 enthusiast programmer 😻 network administrator / developer in the GameSurge IRC network 😻 Gamer 😻 Concert photographer (mostly metal)

For anyone who considers looking for my email address and emailing me about his programming problem like this guy:

I just came across your profile on Stackoverflow. I hope this isn't
too intrusive but I desperately need some help with Python.
I'm new to programming and I'm currently trying to tackle two very
basic questions which I'm seriously struggling with.

NO, I will NOT help you in private. The fact that my website is not a programming site or personal technical blog should be reason enough for you not to use its contact form (or an email listed there) to contact me.

comment Should a “view more” button move down when the pane expands?
It's part of an event page which shows information such as a detailed timetable (e.g. for a meeting) so having everything expanded - it's indeed information most people won't need - would waste quite some space.
comment Should a “view more” button move down when the pane expands?
That's exactly the first thing I thought when seeing the button move down ;)
comment Wording for the “edit” link text
Let's start butchering some SO posts. :D
comment Google Chrome extensions and revenue without ads
What you are talking about is pretty much crapware. More tech-savvy users will not tolerate this and probably uninstall your extension. IF you add something like this make sure it's disabled by default and users have to enable it in the extension settings. Don't force it on them (e.g. by disabling features if people don't enable the ads).
comment Why don't users want to see adverts relating to products/services they might be interested in?
Search for porn at time X, search for a recipe at time Y while your mother is watching your back. Do you want to see pr0n-related ads at time Y? ;)
comment How do left-handed people hold smartphones?
See ux.stackexchange.com/questions/346/… - the second answer sounds quite likely. tl;dr: They use the right hand, too.
comment Is it better to put the action in the href or in an onclick event?
onlcick? onlick? :p