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I am an extraordinarily hoopy frood who is at all times aware of the location of his towel.

Hi! My name is Benjamin. I'm an American expat settled more or less permanently in Düsseldorf, Germany. My professional work is mostly writing web applications based on PHP. I am also a fluent speaker of Japanese and German, a life-long ballroom dancer, a passably good Go player, a Master League Protoss and a proud papa. I also play piano and juggle, both with a great deal more enthusiasm than talent.

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comment Display big numbers in a small area
I understand the logic of "kviews" but I think most users would more intuitively understand "10k views" than "10 kviews"
comment Does leaving a field blank - mean “everyone”
Yes, I would find this extremely confusing as a user. Two organisations in the list, I delete one, now one organisation is in the list. I delete one more, now all the organisations are in the list.
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