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Perpetual Python learner and dabbler in Linux.

Specific interests are:

  • automation
  • low-resource computing
  • unicorns

echo "7364's853648s318s12" | sed -n 'y/12345678/edhtwaT /;p'

comment Comparison table design
This is more what I'm leaning towards for comparison of 100+ items (businesses). The "closable pills" which show active search filters usually give me a great experience when implemented and so long as you expect the user to interact with the filter. That said, what I'm after and what this describes may be more of a search filter with results than a comparison as one would see with a handful of like items.
comment Heatmap vs Scrollmap
Thanks Adrian, I think that explains it. The sheer number of people who went to the bottom were looking for more and so clicked to the 2nd/next page in such high volume. I'll do further analysis to determine what % of total visitors are those who don't find what they are looking for on the homepage.
comment Heatmap vs Scrollmap
just simple buttons, thanks for the suggestion though