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Developer currently working as a user experience analyst in the online entertainment industry.

comment What extra functionality or features can you have for a shopping app in the tablet as compared to online website
Although, it must be said, don't just add these sort of things "because". While they can add value to an experience, if applied poorly they can seem contrived or worse, a privacy concern (I'm looking at you, geotagging of IM messages).
comment How to “force” users to upgrade their browser?
Definitely agree with showing empathy in the form of an emotional message. However I would lead with the call to action "Please upgrade your browser.", or similar, rather than Apple's "not supported" message. The latter doesn't immediately suggest a solution until the sub-text is read, which on an error page might be missed.
comment Why is a manual transmission so complicated?
While manual transmissions require painful learning, after they are mastered, their use becomes nearly second nature. Many may feel that the reduced cost and superior control are worth the effort it takes to master their use.