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comment What is the purpose of having a clock on the desktop?
My watch sets itself to the NIST time daily, and thus perfectly matches my PC(s).
comment How could you prevent users from leaving their original copy in the photocopier?
The ones that have the feed also allow you to lift the entire thing up like normal, for books.
comment Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?
@JohnGB Google laptop airplane mode. I can't find any FCC requirement for it, but laptop manufacturers seem to widely support it - or at least used to. It might be slowly going away now. The reference links from this are useful:
comment Do people really want to look at multiple windows at once?
@Shauna Not at all. You simply click the large "Desktop" tile and never think about it again. The only time I see the Modern UI is when I want to start program that I don't already have pinned to the task bar, and it's actually quite good for that purpose. I'm sure that Metro IS what we're meant to be using but unless they modify it to use multiple monitors it's not realistic for me at work. I can drag the Modern-UI to a different monitor but cannot start two Modern UI apps and have them on two monitors at the same time, for example.
comment Do people really want to look at multiple windows at once?
Keep in mind that the Modern UI is designed to run on a device. On Desktop Windows 8, it's still there but I use the normal desktop 99.9% of the time. Across three monitors. Sometimes I'll use the new (and long overdue) so-called smart scaling to have multiple RDP windows on one monitor where I can watch them while running email in the other far monitor while my text editor or whatever else I'm doing is on the main monitor. Windows 8 is just fine. Nobody's forcing you to use the designed-for-devices UI 100% of the time.
comment Should we use a sound/jingle when users arrive on our site or open our app?
One could argue that software is different, but one would be wrong. :) I love this answer. You mention games - I don't tolerate the apparent Federal regulation that requires every flash game out there to blare audio at high volume. I disable sound for that browser, first. In fact, this single issue has somewhat soured me on Windows 8's Modern UI because they don't allow you to block audio similarly without just muting everything.
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