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I'm an elected moderator on Science Fiction and Fantasy and moderator pro tempore on The Great Outdoors and Puzzling, and I'm also active on several other SE sites.

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I am an iOS Software Engineer at Fitbit, Inc.

comment Where is the best place to show validation/error messages in a form?
And for the love of god, show all the errors (preferably live/javascript validation). It once took me a good dozen tries to get through a form (I think it was Apple) because there were absurd rules specified one at a time (even multiple password restrictions were presented one at a time) and only after submitting the form.
comment Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.?
It's quite easy to write code to parse CC numbers, grab the type and verify the length and checksum, and even format it live; I just did it a couple months ago. As for your second and third points, it's a much better experience for the user to get live feedback than waiting until he submits the form. A user enters a number starting with amex and too long? Notify them immediately. A user meant to use a visa but enters a MC? The visual feedback of showing a MC logo should tip him off.
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