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comment In a wizard form, should the data be saved to the server at the end of all step or at the completion of each step?
I couldn't agree more on the last point. I would add that you could not only save the data after every step but also after every field is completed. So if the process starts asking for name and email address, eventually phone number, the business could get a lot of valuable information to push for process competition even if the "next step" button is not clicked.
comment Looking up for an item in a list and different table styles in iOS
I would recommend not to use option 2 and 4 in this case, in which the requirement is to show a long list. Expanding one menu item would put the other top menu items too far away.
comment Should PDFs open in a new tab?
I like @MattObee point. Maybe an improvement could be to have the normal link (the file name?) and next to it another link to open the file in new window/tab ("Open in new window").
comment Why use a 3-column layout like StackExchange, Facebook and YouTube?
All that seems to be true, but I would also add that it might also have to be with the human eye. I remember reading in one of Adrian Frutiger's book about how the human eye is always looking for the middle of things and also tries to mirror both sides. For that reason it might be that people find centered websites more beautiful or easier to read.
comment Photos of Users on the Main site
I would second @ajkochanowicz and recommend that pictures look not only pretty but you might also want to pick the ones that look natural too! I'm a fan of this kind of solutions picturing users, sometimes using them in "testimonials", but I have seen on user tests that if pictures are not carefully selected and look "real" then the effect on users is rather negative, causing mistrust and lack of confidence.
comment Contrast on footer and other elements
Yes, I was actually talking about contrast (and not opacity). Thank you for pointing it out and thank you for the great answer! I edited the question.
comment Checkbox Group Behavior
@obelia Yes, Gmail also works in this way.
comment How to represent an X/Y mood data to a user within a very small space (32x32)?
I second Igor-G, why not trying mood face icons? They could also look fun and push for engagement!
comment Impact of OpenID versus proprietary login on site traffic
Exactly that is the point and what we have to take care of at the moment of choosing which buttons we offer to our audiences :-)