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Sri Harsha Chilakapati

About Me

I'm a B.Tech CSE second year student and an enthusiast of computer programming.

My Projects:

SilenceEngine - A 2D/3D Java game engine - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/SilenceEngine

GwtOpenType - GWT bindings for opentype.js - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/GwtOpenType

GWT-AL - An OpenAL implementation on top of Web Audio API for GWT - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/GWT-AL

WebGL4J - A WebGL wrapper for Java using GWT - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/WebGL4J

LWJGL Tutorial Series (For LWJGL 3) - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/LWJGL-Tutorial-Series

JINI - A Hand-Written INI Parser For Java - github.com/sriharshachilakapati/jini