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comment Responsive website or not given this statistics?
They probably own phones but would not be very interested in consuming the services outside their work.
comment “Double menu problem” - Web application within website?
Well, the overlap is that logged in users should have access to the regular website contents while their primary focus is on the web application capabilities in the "logged in" mode. I see a few options: a) keep the website main menu (risks cluttering), b) hide the website main menu (small icon with hover functionality), c) change the main menu and include a new option - Dashboard - indicating logged in mode (External item 1, External item 2, Dashboard). Thanks.
comment Can this chart axis labelling be improved? (Showing zero in histogram)
Thanks for your input. Yes, you are right: The "0" group really has a significant meaning which is what I want the labels to reflect. The data is from tax declarations. I want to clearly label the position of those who declare nothing. The other intervals are more homogenous, spanning 10k each.