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Graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science with a concentration in Software & Scientific Applications.

Currently working as a Computer Scientist, developing "whatever they give me."

I have a strong background with Java & C/C++ as well as the "big" web-development languages.

I did my first bit of coding at age 11 with a website. Instantly hooked. The rest is history.

Previous professional coding experience includes working with:

  • VC++.Net
  • Microsoft's MVC
  • Win32 Programming
  • Win64 Programming
  • Ada
  • C++
  • Qt (vsn 3.x & vsn 4.x)
  • C#
  • Java
  • VB.Net
  • SQL/MySql (I know they're different but I use both so I tend to say them interchangeably)
  • PHP

Operating System Experience includes:

  • Windows (2000, XP, 7)
  • Linux (RHEL, Redhawk, Ubuntu)
  • Unix (MacOSx, Solaris)

Currently working on:

  • Service availability component
  • GUI development for some side projects :)

Currently managing a small-business web site: