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I am a passionate programmer, that's even more passionate about teaching. By answering questions on Stack Overflow I learn too! You see, when you teach something, that's when you really learn it.

That's why I started Learn C#. Over time I hope to have enough content up there for people to learn C# at their own pace, regardless of their current level!

Email: mperren@gmail.com

comment Best Practice for a button that performs multiple actions
@JoelGarfield, I'm not sure what evidence would suffice, but if you've ever opened an old VB6 form where they used one form and just turned a bunch of panels on and off you would realize that building one component, to do one thing, is by far more maintainable and stable. A single button with if or switch statements in the code-behind clearly states that as a button I don't know what I do until I take a look at what I look like right now. But a single button, that does something, well it clearly ... does something.