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I am a passionate programmer, that's even more passionate about teaching. By answering questions on Stack Overflow I learn too! You see, when you teach something, that's when you really learn it.

Consulting Services and Paired Programming

Paired programming can be an invaluable resource because there are times electronic communication just isn't enough. If you feel you need some one-on-one assistance then contact me directly and let's work together to get your problems solved.

Open Source Projects

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DapperPoco is a reflection driven SQL generator that wraps the popular Dapper ORM framework. With DapperPoco you just create your POCO objects, decorate them, and use them; no writing SQL statements unless absolutely necessary.

comment Best Practice for a button that performs multiple actions
@JoelGarfield, I'm not sure what evidence would suffice, but if you've ever opened an old VB6 form where they used one form and just turned a bunch of panels on and off you would realize that building one component, to do one thing, is by far more maintainable and stable. A single button with if or switch statements in the code-behind clearly states that as a button I don't know what I do until I take a look at what I look like right now. But a single button, that does something, well it clearly ... does something.
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