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.NET developer. Started in VBA, then moved to VB .NET, then to C#.

Have you tried Git? It'll change your programming life.

comment Which way should be “on” for a switch?
And then there's the water heater in my basement. (a) The breakers don't make it clear which direction is off or on; but worse (b) the water heater gives absolutely no indication of whether it is off or on. As a result, I burned out an element because I drained the water heater while it was on, because I'd turned it off with a mislabeled breaker. Usability: It's not just for web sites.
comment Should we use a sound/jingle when users arrive on our site or open our app?
Oh, it'll evoke emotions, all right.
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comment Is there a point to paginating articles online?
Google is a filthy hypocrite about this. Sure, Image Search uses a semi-endless scroll. But regular search, which people use far more often, still uses plain old pagination. Why? The cynical side of me says it's because endless scroll in regular search would make it matter less whether a site is on the first page or not, and would then make that site less likely to buy advertising in order to be on the first page.