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comment Do web users understand the 'sandwich icon' for side bar when used on a desktop site?
I think that Apple(IOS) are the only ones who use it as an icon to showcase an item which can be reordered.
comment Hierarchical comments usability issues
Do Both, use threaded comments but only use two tiers. So so a thread can be started under a comment but you cant start another thread under an already threaded comment
comment When to show a Selection Column in a data grid
I agree with what you're saying, however I'm curious as to why selection column would typically be on the left. With majority of users being right handed wouldn't it make more sense to place it on the right as with scrollbars and other controls?
comment What is the best practice for data table cell content alignment
@BenBrocka thats a valid point regarding the maths suming up of numbers, but these users are not doing the addition themselves, would the validity of right alignment still apply. I noticed that Microsoft excel also right aligns currency values. Why though?