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I'm a software architect. Yeah, what do I do on a UX site, you may ask?

Software design - a nowadays largely forgotten discipline - is about making software which solve human problems. The difference between today's UX and yesterday's software design is that UX has to stop at the point where technology gets involved, while software design goes right to the point where the software is at the user's hand, and even further - covering development processes, testing, deployment, whatever needs to get that software working.

Whatever it takes to make people's life easier, to make people's life more effective, to make people work with less stress, through software.

I'm an architect with a focus on frontend, and a proficiency in web-languages and web architectures.

I worked as lead developer / software architect for startups and well-known companies, and when it was realized I'm not that bad at user interfaces, I worked as a UX designer for a well-known finnish company.

So, ask me if you have any questions on how it gets done: how do we solve problems for humans through software.

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