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comment Toilet flush buttons
It seems as though this would be perfect if you simply didn't picture how much is in the tank (that requires to much processing in my opinion because it's contrary; less water in the tank for more water being used). Black out the whole tank, and it's as simple as little splash vs big splash, which I think everyone gets.
comment How can I display a schedule with overlapping events?
Not a bad idea, I'm struggling a bit to create an implementation though. The problem is I have a range for the possible start time (will occur between these two times), a range for the possible end time, and occasionally a range when I know a stage occurred (though not necessarily all of the stage, so the first two are still relevant). To complicate things more, the range for the start time and end time overlap. It's just very difficult to make the chart make sense with all that going on. It's also easy to mistake the ranges for the actual stage, which occurs in the midst of the two stages