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comment Managing properties in web app
Hi ECM, I'm just getting started, so I guess my most basic question is whether I can/should continue to use pop-up windows in the browser? Or should I plan to move all properties into a dynamically-updated accordion-style sidebar (see for an example). Sorry for being a little vague, I'm still trying to get my head around this.
comment Support forum login?
Thanks JOG. I think I can support the actions you mention without login. I'm planning to allow moderated guest posts for now, as I mentioned in my response to JOG. If this turns out to be a problem then I can move to a registration-required system later.
comment Support forum login?
Thanks Yisela, I hadn't thought about the advantage of email notifications. To answer your questions: 1 - I've set it up so unregistered users can read all messages. 2 - I think the registration is quick, I just ask for a username, email address and password, and there are some other optional fields. The user will then need to verify their email. What I've ended up doing is allowing moderated guest posts, but making the benefits of registering more clear - e.g. no moderation and email notifications.