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comment Website: Should I use mouse-over effects in buttons and navigational elements? (Touch?!)
The fact that hover does not work on touch devices today does not mean that it will not work on touch devices tomorrow. (See… and ). With all hardware capabilities like hover / multi-touch etc., any design needs to work robustly for users in any device.
comment Is there localization beyond language?
Since writing this answer I have discovered a great resource for comparing cultural dimensions that I thought I'd share here . Choose one country then another to get comparison of the two.
comment How to handle multiple prospective users of an account?
Given the new details about the two roles, there may be some additional ways to infer the roles rather than require up front complex interaction. Maybe let them progress as far as possible as unknown user type, and when they select an option that is meant for exclusively Parent or exclusively Student, then at that time you message to them that this action is for (Parent / Student) and they will need to invite someone for the other role. Again, wait until the moment that the decision is relevant and meaningful before forcing it, if possible.
comment How to make enterprise information systems more engaging?
Well I chose not to expand on that idea much in my answer because I would not start there as the source of the solution, but a few ideas: If the system has features that influence costs, give feedback about which users have saved the most using the system, sort of a "leaderboard". Identify metrics that can be tied to individual activity and you might find other competitive or non-competitive ways to show "score" of individuals' usage of the system.
comment How to indicate that a page section can be expanded?
Very true, though the development tools still make it very easy to create things that look like old school tree views.