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comment Traffic light, no more shapes?
I think it's a false assumption that different shapes for the lights would have to mean different shapes for the hoods, although it might require rounding off the top corners of the square red light. See another answer to this question for examples with different shapes and symbols in current use.
comment CAPTCHA on mobile: what are the alternatives?
Another CSS property is clip which can hide a field by i.e., clipping it to 1x1 pixels. Another thing to think about is how all these affect visually impaired users. For instance, I believe screen readers will not read a field hidden with display: none but will read a clipped field.
comment Why not use ellipsis to ask the user?
You mean "imperative". "I have a car" is active voice. Passive voice would be something like, "A car is being had..."
comment How do we stop users overpaying in financial web forms?
It isn't even an answer. What you've said is, you'd fix it by fixing it so that it was fixed. Your update improves it slightly. Update it again to remove everything before "UPDATE" and you'll be on the right track.
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comment How do we stop users overpaying in financial web forms?
I am absolutely against using multiple fields for input of a single value. It's like the bad old days of three separate fields for the area code, exchange, and station of phone numbers. I'd prefer one of the other solutions. Or flip it around and let them enter in a single field, but show them separate pounds and pence when asking them to confirm.