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comment Do users who “send to a friend” mostly email themselves?
Since you built it with the option for both, are you tracking the usage? I'd love to see your results over time posted back here.
comment In a popup with “yes” and “no” buttons , you put “yes” or “no” first?
@nathanhayfield You claim that the default has always been on the left. While that may be true for you since "dos 3.0" as windows has displayed them that way, Mac OS has displayed them so that the default would be the farthest right. With no data aside from "windows does it that way" we cannot declare that the best way to do it.
comment Why do people mount TVs so high on the wall in their homes?
As is mine. And I've had many people ask why it's so low. I just tell them to sit down and look at it.
comment Making space for the “drop cue” in a drag-n-drop design
I think this is probably a good solution. I also am fine with the solution currently offered in the live demo. HOWEVER, one glaring issue I see, is when the hover causes books to flow onto another/new shelf, moving the book back where it came from doesn't undo the previous move. If I just want to rearrange books on a shelf and accidentally drag too far down over a full shelf, a new shelf will be created, or a cascade will happen to the whole library below. But when I correct my movement and drag the book back onto the shelf I want, that cascade/new shelf stays. I don't believe it should.