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I’m 31 and live in Israel with my awesome wife Suzi.

I work as a .Net developer at Orbograph, mainly using Asp.Net MVC. Before that I worked as a SharePoint developer.

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comment Is the mental model of time advancing to the right in charts globally accepted?
As an Israeli and native Hebrew speaker - we usually expect time to in charts to to from left to right, even in a Hebrew document that is read from right to left. A right-to-left time chart is confusing to most people (we've recently seen one at work, and everyone commented on it). For example, see these google searches: ריבית בנק ישראל , תוחלת חיים.
comment Is it good practice to force users to give us their email address before showing them our site?
@Superbest - True. There are ways around being pure spam. But still, "advertise directly to the customers email" does not sound good - most people regard that as spam. You are right though - if you are honest about it, you can get around legal issues.