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I am a Business Analyst who is interested in learning more about User Experience.

comment What is the best way to present map tools on a map in a mobile application?
I have done mockups. The PM wants one and the mobile developers want the other. I would like to find out if there is a solution that somehow meets both. Or ensure that we pick the most user friendly version.
comment How to search/filter long lists that incl. tree structure and flat structure?
Love it thank you!
comment How to search/filter long lists that incl. tree structure and flat structure?
Thank you for answering @Roger. In my case, this is basically a selection criteria for what is to be displayed on screen. The group selected could be one of many parameters that need to be selected. i.e. View a group with a selected time period with specific events. The idea is to show on screen what has been selected, and by clicking on the selected group name, you can switch it to another group with the remainder of the parameters unaffected. I like what you have. Do you think that this could be handled in a something like a modal as apposed to be navigated away from the screen?
comment Timezone representation according to Daylight Savings Time time
When you refer to Summer/Winter time, are you referring to Daylight Savings Time?
comment Sliding Drop Down Menu Icon - How do I make it more obvious?
@Daniel What about making the right arrow look like a button?
comment How do I present on/off indicators without leading users to believe they are buttons?
@JonW One of the indicators is merely an indicator and the user will not be able to turn it on or off. Two of the indicators have massive action buttons on the screen. On pressing these buttons, the indicator will change if the event was triggered. The last indicator is GPS and that could do with a link to turn GPS on.
comment Placement of Buttons in Touch Screen Scenario
@ajayashish To me it is more about flow more than eyeball movement.