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comment Whats the best way to present “Order Quantity” boxes/dropdowns?
That question is iOS/mobile specific. This is asking about a normal e-commerce site.
comment Why should we ask the password twice during registration?
@Roger - Making someone go through a (perhaps multi-step) password recovery process because they accidentally had CAPS LOCK on or mistyped a letter is a horrible User Experience. Additionally, showing passwords is not secure at all and in any eCommerce setting is bad practice. Having the user type passwords twice with good feedback, a la "Passwords Match!" or similar is common, useful and will provide users with the satisfaction of knowing they didn't mistype.
comment Does having different functionality for the same button on different screen cause a usability issue?
@JeffH - I disagree about "X" only being used to close messages. If you look at iTunes downloads, FF download windows, etc. an "X" is commonly used to stop downloads. I do agree that the "X" might be a little confusing regarding the uninstall.