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comment Does user care about the details while loading?
@Bogdacutu: The user isn't going to understand the message /anyway/. If your funny phrases actually map to legitimate stages rather than being random, then they still offer useful information to the developers.
comment Show not implemented functionalities to tease the user
I feel that it can work in mobile apps, given the ease of purchase and low costs involved. It's not really inconvenient in that case, because it ends up being an extra tap one time. If you can't make it that convenient, though, don't do it. I'll not come back.
comment How many clicks is too few?
@Evan: If I mouseover it, it flips between a few phrases before taking me to what looks like a relevant Google project, or in the case of "I'm feeling hungry", a google search result for local restaurants. I think they figured out how to put it to use.
comment Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.?
I, too, disagree. Luhn's algorithm is already used in credit card numbers, so the user can't typo the number and still have it be valid (probably), and you can display the type of card as they type. I don't see what advantage you're getting from forcing them to pick.
comment Do people actually use tooltips?
@RobC Many mobile applications I've seen show a tooltip on long-press, which is a fairly viable alternative, I think.
comment Should we send both username and password after registration?
@Bevan; Absolutely, I agree it's a bad idea for other reasons, but I don't think this entirely technical consideration is one of those. It's an important point, but I don't think this is the place it needed to be made.
comment Should we send both username and password after registration?
I don't see why this is appropriate, personally. Sending the email is something that happens on registration, and at registration you will have the user's password, because (crucially), it hasn't touched the database yet. Hashing and sending the password out at registration time are not mutually exclusive in any way. I'd still argue that sending the password out to a third, potentially insecure, party is a Bad Thing, but that's for different reasons!
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