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I'm Cyral, your average (young) developer! I program and do graphics design as a hobby, currently taking a computer science class and looking into it as a career. I'm into creating games and applications. Currently I am working on coding some software for my company, Pyratron.

I tend to help out newer people (Hey I said as a hobby, I'm no professional!) with their questions about and the game framework.

I do some web development and have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP, but it is not my focus. I'm currently learning Java and C++, while C# is still my language of choice.

You can follow me on twitter @Cyral33, check out my GitHub profile, where I work on a few projects, or my personal website.


comment What should the size of a game's window be?
Thanks for the information! Ill use it. Also I love your site!
comment What should the size of a game's window be?
Hmm, What I mean is, what size should it be on launch? Ive enabled the maximize button so they can scale it to there screen size and display more tiles and info on screen.