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comment How do you deal with too many bullets in a slider?
The question is: What's the purpose of the pagination? In my eyes the following reasons are applicable (sorted by priority) 1 indicate the user's current position within the sequence of pages 2 provide the total number of pages 3 enable users to navigate Using more than a certain number of dots (maybe 6 or 7) will still give the user an orientation about his approx. position but will already make it hard to capture the total of pages. Adding more and more dots will make it impossible. When dots overflow the viewport you won't even be able to navigate. So does this solution still make sense?
comment Can I use drag'n'drop interaction in a mobile website?
yes, bendataclear. as it's a website it should work for all devices and viewports
comment Icons vs. Dropdown for primary mobile navigation
Very good points! I'd always have voted for icons but now I had a project where we used icons in the first place. Now we are facing these problems: - the navigation has to grow but there is no real estate for more icons - not all sections can be representd well by an icon - the icon bar already requires many pixels - as well we have to cater for more elements like page titles and back links. all this takes away to much room of the content area
comment Sort by recent / popular: Use tabs or buttons?
Hi, I have two questions when I read this. Do you sort your content by "Recent" and "Most popular" or do you want to use these as filters. Can one content/article only appear in one of the categories "Recent" or "Most popular" or could an article be related to both. At a first glance I'd tend to say, you want to apply filters - in that case i think a button or a link would be the better choice - I'd even say tabs would be wrong in that case.
comment Dropdown vs map
That's what I'd do as well: combination of map and dropdown(s) as alternative. A map might cause issues as stated above if it's a static map. But a map can create much better involvement and far better experience if it's interactive, working well and is designed nicely.
comment Best solution to inform and enable users to save changes on a page
:-) I guess nothing. It just felt unfamiliar as I've never seen sth different that version 1, 2 or 3.
comment Why do my / sent text messages appear on the right of the dialogue?
good point. Thanks for your comment. This as well pointed me to the fact that I see the message I'm answering directly above the text field - not somewhere on the right ... might be a reason too.
comment Why do my / sent text messages appear on the right of the dialogue?
yeah, meant the sms / text message app on the iphone. was interrupted when I was about to upload the image which should have made it clear ...
comment Would Breadcrumbs be effective if they incorporate Dropdowns?
thanks Karen and Joern for this example! To be honest I realized the Windows Explorer offers this but never really used it. Guess the alternative navigation options in the Explorer are just to various to really make use of all of them.