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I am a UX Designer at Kareo.

comment When conducting guerilla testing, do you ever offer any incentive, or just rely on people's goodwill?
@Erics That might work. But I was working for a university at the time and they tend to frown upon using school money to buy drinks for people :D
comment Usability Concerns with Parallax Scrolling
@DA01 +1 for straight up truth.
comment Better Term for “Web Design and Development” Company
Interview your customers or people who you'd like to be your customers. Ask them what they think. Do card sorting. Use a term that resonates with your customers, not what you'd like it to be.
comment Is a “repeat password” field necessary in a signup page?
This doesn't address the issue. Users still have to sign up with OpenID/Facebook/Twitter etc in order to sign into other sites/apps. You can't assume that they have those accounts or would want to use those accounts to sign in.
comment Can stairs have a user experience?
Everyone who visits me at my apartment always comments on the stairs leading up to the door because they are horribly designed. The rise height/tread depth ratio is terribly out of step (pun!). The rise height is very tall so you have to make awkward steps to get up and down them. +1 for considering ergonomics and safety as a part of UX.
comment Ideal Donate Button Text for Nonprofit Website
+1 for providing the only appropriate answer to this question and not just a wild guess disguised as a thoughtful, measured response.
comment Home button vs Logo link?
From a cost/benefit perspective, what do you have to lose if you have both?
comment Helping participants in usability tests
Thanks for the feedback. So should I have annotations with the participant's results indicating that I helped them? I like the idea of turning the test into an interview. That way I can gather some legitimate feedback.
comment Helping participants in usability tests
Thanks for the feedback all. @Kaz, yes I know there is a balance. My question, again, is what is the balance? Where does one draw a line? How much help can I give without invalidating the test?
comment Using keyword research to create a sitemap
To be more specific, I'd say 95% of the sites we build have the goal of generating leads (i.e., user submitting a form with contact info to let the client know they are interested in buying a product or service).
comment How should I handle conditional content for product listings?
Thanks for the feedback! There won't be a sign in process, so security won't be an issue. I agree that a solid taxonomy/categorization scheme makes more sense than conditional content which would put information in silos. Thus making it harder to get to information outside the determined silo.