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comment How many required fields are too many?
I wouldn't be worried too much about the select boxes: the scale is a bit misleading and there is actually a 2% difference between the highest (1 select box) and the lowest (4 select boxes) conversion rate. More general, it is difficult to draw conclusions from these graphs without knowing the actual sample size and distribution.
comment Should usernames be unique?
I like how RunKeeper it does: a customizable user name and a unique but changable nickname. Friends can be found by user name. This allowed me to have a cryptical user name at first, but as soon as I was more confident in using the site (and confident enough to show my progress), I started using my real name so friends could find and connect me. Login is through Email, Facebook or Google account.
comment How to allow the user to state 'No preference'
I seriously like the X thingy. The list of beers can grow large, introducing the discussion "where to place the None word? At the top or between 'Non Stop Beer' and 'Nonnetjes Slootwater'?" The X will simply remove the choice without letting the user search for None (or was it Blank, Null, Empty, Geen, Zero, Nihil, Nada, Nothing, Void, No Favorite etc.).