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As a senior test consultant, I am involved in multiple test projects within large financial corporations. With a specialism in automated testing, I am answering questions about QTP, VBScript and testing in general.

comment Should usernames be unique?
I like how RunKeeper it does: a customizable user name and a unique but changable nickname. Friends can be found by user name. This allowed me to have a cryptical user name at first, but as soon as I was more confident in using the site (and confident enough to show my progress), I started using my real name so friends could find and connect me. Login is through Email, Facebook or Google account.
comment How to allow the user to state 'No preference'
I seriously like the X thingy. The list of beers can grow large, introducing the discussion "where to place the None word? At the top or between 'Non Stop Beer' and 'Nonnetjes Slootwater'?" The X will simply remove the choice without letting the user search for None (or was it Blank, Null, Empty, Geen, Zero, Nihil, Nada, Nothing, Void, No Favorite etc.).