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comment What is the origin of the eject symbol?
Tape decks were generally horizontal, and when you pressed the eject button, the tape would pop up out of the deck. Perhaps the line is the deck, and the arrow shows movement out of the deck.
comment Do users care about https?
Also, SSL does help prevent security breaches by making it way harder to eavesdrop.
comment Is shaking a device to refresh an accepted behavior?
Pull to refresh makes the most sense when a user is looking at the top of a time sensitive list. Pulling down is like trying to scroll to things newer than the top. Which is exactly what happens. It isn't as intuitive in other situations.
comment What's a typeable symbol to indicate “starts with” in a filter field?
I think I will go with full wildcard support on this. Thanks! I'll also have a context menu for setting the filter type.
comment Tooltips with infinite timeout?
To more directly answer the question, it can't be cleanly done with the builtin tooltip controls because Microsoft has intentionally limited the lifetime of the tooltip (because of orpahn tooltip problems in the past). You can change the life of the tooltip to be 32 seconds (officially 5, but really supports 32 for legacy apps), but if you need it open longer, you have to either have to reopen it on the tooltip closing event, or make something else to take the place of the tooltip.