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comment Why are software EULAs typically displayed in a tiny non-adjustable box with lots of scrolling?
+1 for this answer. Our legal department just discussed this need with me as well - the need for a user to take two affirmative steps (i.e., scrolling and clicking accept. Apparently it's a legit answer. Certainly a related UX we've all seen is the "I understand what I have read" checkbox the user needs to click before hitting "Accept" as well - that's another way to have a 2-step verification.
comment Displaying N levels of organisational hierarchy intuitively
I too would very much welcome a screenshot, even with data obfuscated. Would that be possible?
comment UX for encouraging naming of an auto-saved item
Certainly a good point. The page before this is the software's homepage - a dashboard of sorts where the users can do a lot of things. Highlighting what's been recently worked on would certainly be a help, even if they did name it, they could find it more easily. Unfortunately, that's out of the scope of the project now, but it's a great UX build for the future.
comment Forms: Sample description- for label or field? what should be the placement?
There's value to both #2 as noted above, but also in the "below the field" option suggested above. For simple hints, like email address format, "placeholder" text insides of the input is good. For longer examples, or things users may need to reference later to help understand what is being asked, leaving a footnote below the input might be the better UX. Think about the use-case and the need for assistance and implement accordingly.
comment Opens in a new window icon placement
That makes a lot of sense, particular if you're talking about a site which links off to many different resources. In the case above it's a self-contained application. Nonetheless, we used to put "(opens in a new window)" as our title text but found that it was difficult to get engineers to remember to add it and users didn't always see it since title text takes ~1 second to show up. We did being using a tooltip add-on, but got feedback that an icon was sufficient. Nonetheless, all good tradeoffs to think about for your own situation and users.
comment Multiple primary actions
@user12999 done! :)