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comment Are there any studies of users getting jaded of dialog requests?
Simply Wow! A great set of resources that empirically and conclusively answers the question. Thankyou.
comment Why do people clear the screen multiple times when using a calculator?
While this is a wonderfully colorful explanation, I'm certainly not convinced this is more convincing than other explanations given here. This reminds me of how false etymology forms. Good stories get +1 votes, better explanations aren't always as compelling. :)
comment How to make a 20-field online form more user friendly?
+1/1 for an awesome answer and question. A little addendum; you should let the user know if fields are mandatory OR optional (whichever are fewer) some fields may not apply to some and everything a user has to enter detracts from the UX.
comment Can you characterize a user by their choice of Internet browser?
a little note: If usability tests are drawn from what your target demographic, and if you instruct them to use the same browser they normally do, then statistically your results should line up with the real world. If they don't know which browser they use (cheep jibes aside, I do see this often) then you should probably go for IE (default), though I've often seen people use a browser that was installed by someone else.
comment What is an acceptable response time for my ajax ui?
As a side, the 100 milliseconds is under peek human reaction time (see here). That is not to say that is the fastest meaningful time, which imho would be 3ms as that is the time under which we cannot differentiate between two events happening simultaneously and is thus truly imperceivable. This property is, of course, not transitive :)
comment Fast-loading splash screen or flashy, progress-based splash screen?
'Splash screens are annoying' - agreed, but not as annoying as clicking somewhere and not seeing anything happen for an arbitrary amount of time :)