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I'm a senior Drupal developer, working as a consultant for Reveal IT. Over the past year I've spent a lot of time on Drupal Commerce, created a lot of different sites with it and enjoyed it all the way.

I maintain or co-maintain a host of modules on drupal.org and have contributed to a lot of other modules and Drupal itself.

When I'm not doing work or Drupal related stuff,I usually spend time with my beautiful wife, play soccer, make grandiose cakes or some other crazy stuff.

comment Common web app usability gotchas?
@DisgruntledGoat: That's just an example, the same goes with lots of other things, like fx surveys. Still it's a bad UI design to hide what people is looking for.
comment Why would you, for a local authentication site, have usernames, instead of using e-mail address to login?
@Robert: How so? If they can use either they don't have to remember, and get the best of both worlds. An easy to remember username or an easy to type username. Users are grown ups, let them decide, just make it easy for them: one login field, and you figure out if it's a username or email.