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I am a Systems Engineer with many years of experience in electronic systems, including communication systems, network systems, and radar systems, with a focus on signal processing and architecture. "Know your customer and his/her needs." My hobbies include photography, yachting, software development, writing, and foreign languages.

If you don't know what to do with your spare time, go walk your dog. If you don't have a dog, walk someone else's dog. It's a better way for you to spend your time than what you are doing right now. If you think you don't have any spare time, then you probably don't have a dog.

comment Why do washing machines have windows?
Or, worse, your kid is inside!
comment Can I use “Prev” instead of “Previous” on a button?
What platform are you using? Are there any UI guidelines for that platform that address your question? Are there any common practices that you can identify. Implementing the way users are already used to seems to have benefits in simplifying what you have to worry about. On the iPhone, a finger swipe may be implicitly supported. A touch may reveal "previous" and "next" buttons that are bigger than you want, but fade out after a couple of seconds.
comment iOS Settings Standards: Using Checkbox Rather Than Switch
I didn't want to add my own point of view without getting more inputs on this topic. I think Matt came closest to responding to my question -- what is the downside from the user's perspective. The user may be comfortable with an app that conforms to the Apple HIG, but users have a bigger range of experience to draw on. By the way, a tap on a checkbox is a gesture, in Apple's parlance. (Even though it is called a click when it's done with a mouse.) I'm still hoping to see more discussion on this subject.
comment iOS Settings Standards: Using Checkbox Rather Than Switch
Thanks, Matt. As far as using the switch for adjusting application settings, I'm a little concerned about the balance between the text size in my setting label and that of the switch. This becomes more pronounced when I localize to languages that inherently require more text to say the same thing. Choosing the control is just one aspect of the "feng-shui", and it's subjective. But I guess Jobs had more experience in these transcendental matters. No decision here yet. I would like to gather more ideas, first.