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I am a freelance software designer and developer with approximately 20 years of commercial IT experience. The main focus of my work recently has been Java development. I have an especial interest in automated software testing techniques.

My qualifications include

  • a BSc.Hons in mathematics from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand;
  • an Introductory Certificate in the Teaching of Adults, from Wellington Polytechnic (which no longer exists).

I have lived my entire life in New Zealand. I currently live in Lower Hutt, near Wellington.

comment Monitors display more colors than human eye can distinguish
This is the correct answer.
comment Good UX for inputting 14 different times
I would add one more button to this. Next to Monday's times, I would put a "copy down" button that fills in Tuesday to Friday with the same times that I just entered for Monday. That way, if I want to have 9:00am - 6:00pm for every weekday, I only have to enter it once, not five times.
comment Why did Microsoft choose the word “Recycle Bin”?
Am I the only person who thinks the words "Empty recycle bin" are poorly chosen? It sounds far too much like you're going to tip out the bin's contents onto the floor, so you can find the thing you didn't mean to delete. "Oh dear, I just deleted a file that I didn't mean to. I'd better empty out my recycle bin so I can get it back." Or maybe it's just me.
comment Why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?
Which part of being left-handed stops you from taking your right hand and pointing to the question, as per the respondent's instructions?
comment I have a link that lets the user add, delete, modify elements. What should I call this link?
"Maintain" used to be very common for this, but it seems to have fallen out of fashion recently.
comment Float button position
Definitely "Back" or "Previous" and not "Refresh" - the last usually means something like "redraw the current page". But why can't you just repeat the option field for selecting the registration type at the top of the registration page?
comment Air keyboard - does it exist?
For (3) - you could do something like "switch on" the keyboard by pressing all 8 home keys at once. Wherever you like. When the device sees 8 fingers move in unison, it "zeroes" to wherever you happen to have pressed them.
comment Why do washing machines have windows?
Sorry, son, it's three minutes until I can open the door.
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