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User experience designer at Technophobia.com

7 years digital experience working with exceptional clients, including Alfa Romeo, Green Flag, Pizza Express, Becta, Safestore Self Storage, Poundland, Roundup Weed Killer, Microban and Keyfuels.

Creative lead on design and build projects using advanced HTML and CSS techniques.

Semantic web site architecture, user interface development (UI), user experience design (UX), information architecture (IA), web design, digital communication, flash animation, HTML, CSS


comment What are Good Techniques to Visualize Binary Differences?
+1 nice reference
comment What makes a good newsletter good, from a UI point of view?
So you could have your criteria set out as 1.0 Header 1.1 Navigation 2.0 Footer 3.0 General
comment What UX implications should I be aware of when designing an enterprise website/intranet on SharePoint
Thank you for this Nick. Apologies it is such a big question, I was trying to make it accessible to a number of viewpoints (I hope I pull it off). What I didn’t mention was that there is a possibility of pursuing a Microsoft Metro style for the interface design too. I get the impression that SP might struggle with this?
comment Where do campaign landing pages belong in my site architecture? How do I manage them?
I wonder if you could come to a compromise with the client by seeing if they would agree to visually ‘knocking back’ the regular UI items if they still need to be in the view. This way you would still have emphasis on the marketing campaign message while maintaining full functionality. Worth exploring.
comment Where do campaign landing pages belong in my site architecture? How do I manage them?
Absolutely, the idea is to influence the required action and then once this has been completed, provide some further rabbit holes for the user to progress down. A dead end would not capitalise on the experience.