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I'm a senior working towards a BS Math–Computer Science at Brown University. I've been programming and system administration for about a decade, which still frightens me. I work as one of one of three off-hours/assistant sysadmins for the Computer Science department, and as a teaching assistant for various introductory and upper-level courses, as well as doing freelance CS and sysadmin work.

Preferred things include: functional programming, logic, Debian, OSX, Perl, programming language theory, security, and wishing I knew how to make shiny modern websites.

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comment Should a sentence ending with a URL terminate with a period?
You can add a slash at the end of domain names without changing the meaning, so, for example, "mydomain.com"; and "mydomain.com."; are the same thing. If you have a path in the URL, though, the period is parsed as part of the path: "mydomain.com/"; and "mydomain.com/."; are different.