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comment Why are the profile pictures rounded nowadays?
I think that if the users were able to create interesting profile icons by themselves, we would be still seeing rectangular profile pictures. However, the reality is that 99.999% of users are not able to modify their profile picture so rounding the corners is the easiest automated fix for that.
comment Why is 13px Arial font the web standard?
I think that nowadays browsers come with 16px default because of legacy content. The 16px default is sensible because you can read "too big" text but you cannot read too small text. As a result, it is safe to be on the big side if a proper default cannot be set for everybody. The most important preference that browsers should ask for is "which font size you'd prefer to read?" -- sadly, no browser does that.
comment Why is 13px Arial font the web standard?
While the eye movement stuff is true, I don't think a web site should use 13px instead of default size because of that. It all depends on pixel size as viewed by the end user--think about an user viewing the screen from 60 cm away and another user viewing the same screen from 90 cm away. The size visible in fovea is not the same for both users. Just use 1em for the body text and you'll be fine. Trying to do otherwise is like calling your local TV station and saying that your TV sounds too loud. They'll tell you to adjust the TV volume. For web sites: just let the user set the right size.
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