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It is recommended to put that in the right side of the date, because this counts as an extra detail about an update, the date is more important than the time, so keep the date on left. You can also seperate the date and time by using "at". 25/03/2015 at 11:34:21


I think you can add date first and right side time as below. January 1, 2014 12:00h


Based on your screenshot, the form page could do with a header below "Work Orders Management" which lets the user know whether they are currently editing of adding, wording along the lines of "Editing Work Order" or "Adding new work order". The Clear and Save buttons at the bottom, could do with being separated, physically or visually using different ...


User experience is different from data design Developers who move into UX often forget this important perspective change. Users don't think in terms of CRUD. They usually think in terms of what they want to get done. Some examples: For a micro blog, an author might want to create, update, and delete posts from the same convenient interface. For a ...


It can be on the same page. But all depends on requirements. Actually I've worked on form pages where the options are on same page as well as in different page (i.e) from the list page it will be redirected to an add/edit/view page. Delete will happen in list page. In case of same page, I would keep the form (add/edit/view) as hidden HTML div and will show ...

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