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A title is always expected on top. You could do something similar to Evernote. Title is inline and optional. If a user doesn't provide it, it is given a default title - Unitiled 1 Either way, the user can go back later and add the title.


I think the main goal you're trying to achieve is to streamline the content creation process. A possible solution is to split the content creation process to two mini-steps: First just offering a text box to spill out thoughts, encouraging users to invest in writing (because the required investment is low) Second, after the user commits (saving the ...


The application that I was recently working on had 10 webpages and each page had about 5 to 10 controls and the validation errors are displayed inline as well as at the end (we call it the "summary" page which displays summary if there are no validation errors) just before subimit. The errors displayed in the summary page is a link to the specific page where ...


Feedback should be immediate and in-place, so show validation errors inline as soon as the user leaves the field (on blur). You can even show errors while the user is typing except incompleteness because input naturally starts from an incomplete state. For elaboration, see http://www.hulstkamp.com/articles/ux-inline-validation-while-user-enters-value/


Be wary of what a client asks for as they may not be the best judge of good UX. You should be the authority on that, or defer it to someone who is. My suggestions would be: One option may be to present the user with all the invalid fields again at the end of the process. Or... Validate the fields inline before submit.

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