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m could mean miles or meters so be explicit. lower doesn't necessarily mean elevation so be explicit there as well. Explicitly labeled as two separate values... Distance: 10 meters away Elevation: 5 meters descending Condensed on a single line... 10 meters away (descending 5 meters) 12 meters away (ascending 1 meter) 3 meters away ...


Here is another great example of "Confirm your account" email. Subject: Confirm your --- account I am totally impressed by big neat Call To Action button.


Make the message as specific as possible. For example if the name of the column is "Product Code" and the user entered 12345, display the following message. Product 12345 is already in list Also ommit needless words like "The", "This", "That" to make the message shorter. Maybe you can remove "is" also.


"The value you entered is already in the list" is a little redundant because I know I just entered the value. I would go with "This value is already in the list". The tone of the message depends on the audience. Friendly (i.e. wordier) is nicer for consumers. I would also think about whether "value" is an appropriate word for the audience. Programmers and ...

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