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Sure, "Accommodation" or "Accommodation Type" is best for the user. However, depending on your situation you may just be able to say "Category:" as the label there. That's the best bet if it works. (Naturally, your internal label ... accommodationParadigm or whatever ... is irrelevant to the user reading experience.)


English SE suggested "Sites" and it's a very good word that surely deserves additional testing. However, we thought about "properties" yesterday and gave it a fast test with a small user pool (around 20 users so far, in progress, all US and Canada) and results were amazing with 0 amount of friction they all knew what the affordance for the taxonomy was. ...


When I have a problem like that I go to and start searching there. I try different words, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, adjacent words. In 90% of the cases, if there is a word, I find it there. For your case, I found Quarters, though, I cannot judge how much it is a fit.

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