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Based on a quick Google search, the major players are still using the word "scroll" in conjunction with touch screens. Apple - "navigating your Mac using your fingers to tap, scroll, pinch and swipe feels perfectly natural." Microsoft - "How to do it: swipe your finger across the screen. What it does: scrolls through what's on the screen." And so on. I ...


I think you can find clarity by asking yourself this question: Am I referring to what's happening to the content on the screen or to what the user does to cause that response? If you refer to the user's gesture/action, then swipe or flick is appropriate, but if you refer to the content, then scroll is probably a better choice.


The "icon" you're looking for is the checkbox button. The label shouldn't change title though, since a checkbox button indicate "true" when checked, and "false" when unchecked. Changing the label would only lead to confusion, and you wouldn't want that.


Ben's got a very good article on Writing Error Messages The 4 H’s of Writing Error Messages

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