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Tracking code is invalid Is it? Is it really? Is there no possibility that the code is actually valid, but not in the system for some reason. Tracking Code was not recognized Not recognized? Did I get the case wrong? Why was it not recognized? Was it my fault or the computer's fault or the company's fault? Neither of these messages really help me ...


Better way for distinguishing would be using different set of image/icon to represent whether user is using desktop or handheld device. Similar to facebook app which shows whether user is login from desktop/web or phone device.


If your use case is POS, what terms apply to that context? In my past the terms were cash wrap and on the floor. You could also use 'counter' vs 'mobile'. It gets tricky when you may have one device (a tablet) that can be docked at the cash wrap or carried around the store.


Maybe something mentioning groups (as in they are all part of the same group) or perhaps something more explicit to imply that they are mutually exclusive like "choose only one answer" or "single answer". Reading your question again, I think "multiple answers" and "single answer" are a good way to go. Or maybe just "single" and "multiple" and perhaps ...


From what you write in your question it sounds like you are actually letting the user select between single choice and multiple choice. This control overrides what other choices the user have made already, which you need to handle. Do you reset already given selections (by the user) or do you allow them to be seen in a disabled state? To me this is more ...


I would suggest the clearer "No package with tracking code XYZ was found." It's tempting to suggest a few possible causes as well, such as "Make sure you've typed the code correctly" and the like, but those might be misleading, and most of the time aren't all that helpful anyway: if you see the error message and it mentions the number you typed, a quick ...


I'm quite surprised no one has suggested Stationary Vs Mobile. Stationary Not moving or not intended to be moved http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/stationary

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