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Does the user need to know the specifics of what's happening? Resubscribe or Subscribe would seem to be more consistent for the user as their perspective would be more with regard to whether or not they are receiving the notifications and not so much the how.


One of the clearest examples of those I've seen went something like this: That's it, you've been unsubscribed! Didn't mean to unsubscribe? <Subscribe again>!


If the user has just clicked 'Unsubscribe' then you might show 'Resubscribe' to afford them an option to Undo. However, if some time has passed then just show 'Subscribe' as its essentially the same regardless if they were previously in the White List. Or best yet is just to simply say 'Subscribe Again' after the Unsubscribe action. You are preserving ...


It's not 100% clear from your question whether the product exists yet. Register your Interest would be good if you are collecting leads for a product that doesn't exist yet. Request a Quote is pretty standard if the product exists, but further contact is required for the sale. However, it implies that the price is unlisted and negotiable. If the price is ...


First leave the text, and focus on the color- Principle: Use alternative color and Make the button big. Second, come back to the "call to action" text- You should be transparent with your customers. The simplest text should convey "Subscribe to product alerts!".


(A) has the problem that the message is about saving, but the Cancel function cancels the navigation. (B) does not have the option to back out, so it does not support your scenario 2 ("...accidentally..."). (C) suggests an action which is rather improbable (assuming most people want their changes saved :-) If I only had these choices, I would add the ...


After much consideration, our team decided that the best option was to ditch the idea of a button altogether. Instead, in the dialog for creating a new record (which we already had), we now have a field for allowing the user to pick a pre-existing record to copy. In this dialog, we are using the term "copy" to describe what is happening.

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