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There's definitely no right answer to the 'best term' to use here. In terms of context, you're correct in that 'Favourites' or 'Bookmarks' don't really feel right. An obvious solution would be 'Saved' or 'Saved for Later'. You could borrow from Twitter and Pinterest where you 'pin' items (the metaphor mightn't work, but certainly 'pin' evokes less ...


Twitter allows you to temporarily "pin" a tweet at the top of your feed. This term, Pinning, appears to be exactly what you are looking for: a single item from a long list of items that you temporarily place at the top of the page. Pinning also invoked the feeling of something temporary: when you look at a pinboard, you can easily pin and unpin things you ...


I would suggest simply using an icon, most probably a "star". This is a widely accepted and recognised practice and simply suggests that a user is marking something out from the rest of the group in order to create prioritisation.


My opinion is to use an icon, a star maybe or use something simple, not necessary a word, maybe a sentence or a group of words like "You chose:". You said this is just a section, so you don't need this in a menu, so it can be a title that can be a little more long.


What about: prioritize / priority list inspect / inspection list investigate / investigation list observe / observation list (although one could probably argue all footage is already being observed)


Perhaps rationale is not the best way to go when it comes to error messages. If we follow a universal logic, yes, we shouldn't apologize for something that isn't our fault. However, we should always put in value the user-centered approach with the end purpose of making the user feel comfortable no matter what. In this regard, an apologetic approach is the ...

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