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One approach is to us a syntax highlighting tool that supports your grammars such as the extensible ace editor. This would guide the correct structure by flagging when BNF / CNF syntax is correct or not understood. Extending this approach you can add special symbols as buttons above editor box (just like the ux.stackexchange UI) auto-prompt for symbols ...


By "process" I assume you mean screens/pages that require the user to fill in information? The "Getting Started" setup process for the OS itself is probably as native as you could get (I'm not sure how WP7's setup process is, as that's what you tagged, but WP8 should be what you're looking for). I don't recall it having an indicator, though. When you upgrade ...


Another option is the following scheme: Location Tabs List of all opportunities for that location w/ search controls to display only one kind of opportunity or a combination of a few.

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