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With only a few Locations and a few Opportunities I would probably just list two rows of links with the selected ones clearly visible. Something like this...


I'm going to go the other way and say: Hide buttons that are unneccesary. Keep the visual bloat as minimum as possible. To me, a disabled button means that I need to select an option to enable it. An example of this is to check the "I read and accept the EULA" checkbox, which must often be checked before the Next button becomes available. Another example is ...


No, they should not be hidden, and not only because of consistency, although that is important, but also because if you hide them, you will hide what system can do from user. User should know Saving is generally available, even though it is disabled at the moment (therefore there are some conditions user must comply with to enable this functionality). ...


Based on the brief, initial details you've shared here, I recommend definitely not hiding those buttons, even if they're not immediately relevant to the user in whatever view from the wizard you're considering. Whenever we can provide users with contextual, visual queues that do not distract from the overall goal action, but actually enhance it, we should. ...


As a user I would prefer the Next button to change to Save on the last screen. Short of that, I would prefer disabled Save with a tooltip explaining why it's disabled. Although, it is possible to have < Back and Next > buttons on a separate row, so they don't move when a new button suddenly appears in the next dialog..


The question I would ask him is What are the particular downsides to designing it the way I suggested The changing of back and next buttons is never really a good thing in a series of steps. The key word is consistency. Definr defines consistency as: Logical coherence and accordance. A harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts. You ...


Instagram's App, at least for smartphones (not tablets), has a kind of wizard style get forward to complete your new Instagram picture process. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android

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