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would be easier if more context was added to the question. but here's my 2 cents. Instead of visualising it as a wizard with sub wizards, you could look at it as a wizard with checklists or options within it. Also you could look into natural language form or that kind of thinking to simplify things overall.


Never ask the user to do something the system can do If you provide a generic progress bar with no indication of current state, you're asking the user to interpret the current page and map it to your steps in their head. That's unnecessary cognitive load. That's never a good thing. The only reason not to indicate progress is when the system is so poorly ...


Highlighting your current step not only allow user to know where he is but also can reduces confusion about the relative form questions or relative info. Highlighting term and showing corresponding icon in good color is a good way of showing.


First, answering your question, you should search for progress indicators on checkout processes. There you will most likely find what I also heavily researched the last months: Color coding (positive color, thus no red) is a good way to highlight the current step A friendly Google employee who was inhouse to give a small presentation about checkouts, ...

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