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Whenever you can, do not send artifacts via email for them to look at without you there. A bit part of your job is presenting the work you create. So ideally, always show the work to them first during a presentation. That way they're not as likely to jump to all sorts of conclusions prior to your explanations.


Back in my consulting days, I used this preamble before presenting or sending over any wireframes. Informs design and guides development by illustrating the navigation, content structure and functionality. Interaction specifications are included to define fundamental user interactions.


Whenever I create a wireframe document, I make enough space on the right for annotations. Annotations are really nice so you can explain what an element is and what it could do in certain scenarios. Here shows what I did for a document I prepared for a client: You can also use that right side to show different states of the element (like on hovers, on ...

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