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I have demo'd hundreds of wireframes to everyone from external clients to internal executives and the best advice I can give is to first create a story centered around your primary persona and a goal or goals they want to achieve. Then script out the events and workflows required to tell the story that showcases your design and how it enhances the life of ...


No there are very little standards for newsletters. If you want a banner looking ad on your newsletter (or just a banner) simply resize your image to the proper width -> 600px for example. And keep your ratio. Newsletter are usually 600px wide (in order to appear correctly under most circumstances). If you can't put a standard width advert banner in your ...


I guess you're implementing HTML-e-mail over plain text - an I would really consider using relative sizes email reading is done a lot in smartphones these days where your suggested sizes would be wider than some phones max screen width. Relative is the cure for not using too wide images.

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