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Wireframes are best for focusing the discussion around the 'form' of the design, whereas prototypes are best for focusing the discussion around the 'function' of the design. Of course, given the amount of overlap in the different tools and methodologies, you'll find that the terms are interchangeable, but regardless of the term, you should understand what it ...


I would try something like GMail tags. You have a filter and the list of checkboxes inside a scroll area Other good option is something like Pocket Chrome plugin You have a filter and the selected items become a tag


I had to face same problem a few days ago, and came with this solution ! In my cases list weren't that long so I used a tag system so user can have a list of the items that he/she selected.


I think a side-by-side list widget would be appropriate for this situation. It goes by many names. See: Name for widget with side-by-side available/selected listboxes? Also, you should provide a search box to dynamically filter the list of available items as the user types.


This is where UX is being tasked to fix something that isn't fixable at the UX level. I'd go as far to say this is where a back end system is unfairly asking a user to make decisions that they shouldn't have to. If the issue is that people enter items they sell under a different name than what's already in the system, then the proper solution would be a ...


First of all, try to categorize your actions in groups like 'Primary', 'secondary' actions. Primary actions - 'Create Order' and 'Add new item' Secondary action - 'Cancel' Think about 'Accordance' of these action buttons on the basis of primary and secondary. (as shown in image below) You can also use 'Floating' buttons or FAB for 'Add New Item'. Let me ...

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