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Nothing wrong with it as such. It is a little bit non-standard to have a vertical bar like that, a bit of a break in standard functionality consistency, but nothing to cause anyone who thinks about it for a few seconds any trouble. There could be a slight problem in using a 'loading bar' when it actually means the opposite of loading- when it is full the ...


I've found that a lot of power users tend not to use the standard central restore button- perhaps the risk of accidentally hitting X is too great- and they instead like to make their windows bigger and smaller by double clicking on the windows bar- most usually in that top right corner due to there often being a myriad of options towards the left. For these ...


The only application I know which puts an additional button there is Display Fusion (a software to improve the experience with multi-monitor setups). That extra button moves the window to the other monitor: In this case I would say this is appropriate since the associated action controls the window in a similar manner as the other buttons and I'm using ...


I would use a large, colorful icons arranged horizontally (like a toolbar). If this user can perform this action, then the icon is enabled, otherwise it's faded. When you click on the icon, the application space below is filled with the content of that action. This will provide access to each process and give visual clues to what steps are next.


I would say that putting an extra button there is generally a bad idea for the reasons you stated; you expect there to be just three buttons, and you accidentally click the "switch user" button a lot. Now, here's why it is a bad idea: The Icon for switch user is fairly similar to the minimize Icon Switching users is probably used far less than ...


What you have is fine, and I would!dent move it. What I would suggest is that you group the list and the buttons together, so the user immediately knows that they are together. EDIT: Yes, that looks great.

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