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Honestly, I think you should just display the whole table of potential entries and allow selection of one per column (if that is the appropriate restriction) Then you can enforce a simple UI rule: when a user picks an entry that has multiplicity, it will highlight all the options that match to make it clear what the user will submit to the next step. So ...


It took a few more moments than I had thought, but Microsoft does have an up-to-date icon style guide for Modern UI. You can find it not in MSDN, but in a dedicated Windows Dev Center and its Design section.


In this specific case of showing the title of a web page I believe that you need two different fields -- one for the actual title (auto updating title) and one for a user defined custom title that is blank by default. Add a little note letting the user know that the actual title will be used when the custom title is blank. Similar to this...


Checkbox is not an appropriate control here. Its purpose is to denote a selected item. I think you have 2 options here. Both need to be tested with users. Replace the checkbox with a button labeled Default and leave the title field editable at all times. Make the button switch between Edit and Default when the title is set to the default or has been ...


I'd add a tiny cross next to the title the user entered, that shows up on hover (i'm assuming this is not a mobile app, if it is, then show always). You're essentially "deleting" the text you entered.

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